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National Utility Contractors Association of Ohio Welcome!

NUCA of OHIO is a unified peer group focused on creating an environment of mutual respect and voice for all participants of the underground utility construction industry.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Encourage contractors, engineers, associates and owners to participate in open forums, training programs and development -We share vision
  • Open exchange of experience and ideas- We share ideas
  • We volunteer our time and talents -We share success


NUCA Alert: Underground Damage Enforcement Law Passes! 




NUCA of Ohio is pleased to report that Senate Bill 378 to provide for enforcement of Ohio’s damage prevention law, has been passed by the Ohio General Assembly and signed into law by Governor, John Kasich.  NUCA of Ohio has been working diligently on behalf of all underground utility contractors in Ohio to ensure that this legislation was fair to contractors and that contractors would have a voice in the enforcement process.

This legislation, which will become effective on January 1, 2016 will put enforcement of the law under the Public Utilities Commission and create an Underground Technical Committee to oversee the process.  This Underground Technical Committee (UTC) will have four commercial excavators among their membership.  At least one contractor must vote in favor of a penalty for it to be imposed.   

NUCA of Ohio will continue to be active on this issue as rulemaking and appointments to enable this critical legislation will begin in 2015.  This rulemaking will lay out the specifics of the law which may be even more important than the legislation itself!  We’ll be there making sure your voice is heard!  You can find the full text of the bill here:


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2014 Damage Prevention Law Information

A new law passed on December 2012, which updated many areas of the old law and made it clearer for most parties. There is a lot of improvement but certain areas such as exemptions and enforcement still need to be addressed.

Click here for the Dig Law Presenation

The 2013 webinar explains these changes in detail so that you will have a good knowledge what has been passed and what is in the works for the next Dig Law in 2014.

Jennifer Reams, Vice-President of NUCA of OHIO has worked on these changes for eight years. Over the past year she has been active in her efforts to get positive representation for the contractor as a member of the Ohio Underground Damage Prevention Coalition.

 Click on the 2013 Damage Prevention webinar and you will be directed to the webinar. The webinar was recorded on March 27, 2013 and has several polls requesting your responses. Because it is a recording, just pause and the answers from March 27th will be shown. There is also a question and answer period at the end of the video that is worth listening to.

The following link will allow you to sign in and then proceed to the webinar. Enjoy the 2013 Damage Prevention Webinar!

OSHA Safety Information Available
Several critical OSHA issues are being monitored by our association.  Below are resources on each to keep you up to date.  For more information please call the NUCA-Ohio Office at: 888-294-0084!

1.       Hazard Communication Labeling Standards

  Click here for the new hazard communication training standards
Click here for the new hazard communication label and pictogram standards
Click here for Quick Card pictogram
Click here for Quick Card label
Click here for Quick Card safety data sheet

2.       Proposed Silica Standards

NUCA is very concerned that if the proposed silica standard passes with current compliance requirements, contractors can expect serious and expensive violations because they will not be able to comply with the standard's requirements, and OSHA will be giving out citations like candy on Halloween. The feasibility of compliance for NUCA members will be nearly impossible. OSHA says most contractors will use Table 1 in the regulation, but using it would not guarantee your company is in compliance. NUCA, several other construction associations, and a strong legal and technical team are working very hard writing comments to persuade OSHA to change or remove the most costly and over burdensome requirements of the proposed regulation. You can view NUCA's comments here.

3.       Rules about posting of the OSHA 300 logs and the deadline

REMINDER: Public Construction Procurement Drastically Changed

There have been significant changes to public construction – methods and procedures.

  • Permits the use of two new alternative delivery methods (except Ohio Turnpike Commission): Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) and Design Build (D/B).  
  • Eliminates the mandate to bid a project by both single and multiple prime methods.
  • Increases project cost threshold triggering competitive bidding from $50K to $200K. 
  • Prevailing wage changes include threshold coverage increased and refines the definition of a public project.
Have questions?  Call the NUCA Ohio Office at 888-294-0084 for more information or use your Legal Services Plan and call Dunlevy, Mahan & Furry for your free monthly consultation at: 937-223-6003.  \



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